Calm Lavender Sugar Scrub

Calm Lavender Sugar Scrub


Sugar scrubs are known for exfoliating + smoothing the skin. This scrub also brightens the skin + frees ingrown hairs from your shaving routines. Made with fresh aloe vera gel, the scrub contains salicylic acid known for aiding in the removal of dead skin cells. Lavender + clary sage oils in this scrub provide anti-inflammatory + wound-healing properties for the skin. The scent of these oils also acts as an anti-depressant + reduces anxiety. Applicable to both face + body.

  • Sensitive Skin

    All products have been tested on sensitive skin before offered to the public.

  • Return Policy

    All sales are FINAL.

  • Ingredients

    Sugar, aloe vera gel, glycerin, lavender oil, clary sage oil.

  • Care Instructions

    Stir the scrub prior to use on damp/wet skin.

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