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About She

           I first began exploring spirituality through astrology and tarot in 2018. I officially became a spiritual reader when I first launched my self-care business in 2020. In that same year I studied the Akashic Records through my favorite practitioner, Denisse Avilia. Through my Akashic journey I was able to connect with more of my unique gifts and abilities. As a result, today I play many roles. I am a student, teacher, counselor, psychic medium, death doula, and more.

          Though there is much power in my creativity and special gifts, I am still very human. I am a young lady in her twenty-somethings’ learning how to navigate early adulthood all while healing great amounts of PTSD. It’s both humbling and inspirational how I navigate life every day with Divine wisdom while still having a very human experience. 

           Using my special gifts, talents, and unique skills, my ultimate intention is to raise the consciousness and vibration of the collective– one day, one conversation, one service at a time. Please enjoy browsing my website, She-Therapy for all the products, services, classes, inspiration, hope, and love she has to offer!


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