Tarot Services


 I’m so happy I chose her for my reading! Especially when it was words reaffirming and reassuring of where I was and who I can move forward to be. I still can’t get enough of the perspective she gave me - what a way to start my day! She spoke to me in a way that made me see my existence and experience in a new light & that is something I definitely won’t take lightly. She’s raw and her energy is contagious. Thank you again!! 


In Case You Were Wondering..

How will the reading go?

These readings are live interactive sessions over Facetime, Google Duo, or whatever works best for us. A virtual session.

Booking, cancellations, + refunds

-Payment is due at time of booking.
-Call when you are in a quiet space, there will be a 10 minute grace period at the time of your session. Thereafter a late $7 fee may apply.
-Refunds are only issued if cancellation is made 12 hours prior.
-In the event of a personal emergency, I will contact you to reschedule or issue a full refund.


- These readings are NOT for the skeptics. I will not guess what you are thinking or experiencing. You will need to provide insight, as we will work together. This is an intuitive service, not your average or anticipated psychic service.
- These readings are set with the intention of you being able to activate and exercise your own intuitive abilities. We all have them, we just need to give them their power back (i.e.: Following your gut).
- I will not conduct readings inquiring pregnancy, death, health crises, or similar major life events. What is meant for you to hear regarding those subjects, Spirit will allow you to hear.