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Elemental Advice & Check In

Hey friend,

A genuine check in seemed more fitting than a new moon reading. It seems like in our own ways everyone is doing a bit of self-correcting and shedding right now no matter how we try to press forward the way we ‘want’ to. I pray these messages help during this time. Understand that we are still in a Mercury retrograde so at the very least, things will seem delayed, constantly interrupted, and just super inconvenient. It gets better, we will get to wherever ‘there’ is for each of us. You have my word. 💛

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Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):

Commitments as it pertains to yourself and your relationships to others are changing. While it may be confusing to decide what move to make first, choose yourself. Choose clarity, not continued confusion. There’s only so much you can do for others when you really need to do for yourself first. Maybe you think you’re leaving someone in the cold for choosing you first, yet that seems to be the best thing for you to do. Walking away from this conflict of interest as an act of self-care will open you up to find the success and contentment you truly seek— even if it still includes others down the road. But the first step is still choosing you. Start there.

Water Signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio):

Lack of tangible stability seems to have you in a bit of an uproar and it’s taking up most of your energy trying to gain things for yourself. Whether this is directly related to finances or other physical necessities, do your best to release this concern because it’s just not what the Universe is guiding you to focus on at this time. Right now, the Universe is only asking you to pour your efforts and the energy you do have into yourselves in self-concerning ways. Resting, mindful eating, even some self-spoiling in the ways that you can like with a bath, video games, meditation in a meaningful environment, etc. Taking time to simply be with yourself is the best way you can overcome your pressing concerns right now. As you do so, you give the Universe both room and time to show you just how much luck is on your side and always has been. Consciously reframing your focus and concern is suggested to see your problems work themselves out quicker. Worrying is not helping.

Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra):

Right now you are longing for a certain type of freedom and a new beginning but it seems delayed or even kept from you. Opportunities are being delayed but only because of emotional episodes of grief and disappointment. Maybe you’ve been avoiding those feelings or suppressing them, nonetheless this dark cloud is not going away until you face these emotions head on. What are you afraid of discovering? Your purest vulnerability is key to unlocking the answers you seek. It’s okay if you have feelings of loneliness, issues with receiving help, even feeing like you did so much work to get ‘no where’. Feel your feelings because it will provide you the profundity necessary for your soul’s growth so that you can embody the version of you this next level, this new sense of freedom requires. Deep down you know you’re free, unlimited, and capable so try introducing this inner knowing to your most delicate inner feelings too.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo):

The theme of your message is quite simple: take your power back. Insecurities seem to have been running the show in your mind but please give yourself enough credit because now you recognize that they are just that — insecurities. You know the truth about just how much you can create and overcome current circumstances. Keep reminding yourself that. The best way to overcome thoughts that only aim to make you feel threatened at this time is to talk yourself through them. When you hear your mind speaking to what you can’t do, what could go wrong, etc., self correct out loud. “Regardless of my circumstances, regardless of what negative thoughts are saying to me, I am at the height of my Divine alignment and everything will work out for my God-intended path.” It may feel like you are so far away from your desires but honestly you’re right where you need to be. In order to rise, a fall must take place. Face every piece of self-imposed negativity as they present themselves and respond with your truth. Your truth in this case is that you ARE worthy of your desires and soon enough you WILL have. Soon enough you will rise how you know you should, how you know you will.

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