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Full Moon in Aquarius (Part Two)

I took the time to pull tarot and oracle cards for my subscribers, apply to your sun, moon, rising and venus placements. Find these by calculating your birth chart here. Take what resonates, these messages are general and may not apply to all. For a personal and direct reading, please contact me via Instagram, Twitter, or use the website to book!

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):

What is it that’s inspiring you to move on? Quite honestly, it’s not enough reason for your desires to manifest just yet. You are willing to give your best efforts for a collaboration however your passion is not routed in a grounded place. Your passion is routed in something that will more than likely lead to self-sabotage should you continue as you are right now. Be thankful the Divine sees more than your ego can, you will have the desires of your heart but first you must get real— more real. You’re already aware of the healing that needs to be done, this is simply a reminder to keep at it. This full moon is challenging you to work through your insecurities to receive your win-win outcome. Surrender even more to the Divine process currently at play in your life.

Water Signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio):

You may be attempting to start a new relationship or pull in a significant connection at this time but wait just a minute! Are you truly settled with lovers/relationships of the past? Have you made peace with things going different than you originally expected? Don’t walk into a new connection feeling as though you hit the ‘jackpot’ so soon. You will quickly learn realism for your dreamy ways of being. Time does matter, give things time and space to grow and move organically. By doing so, you’ll begin to approach relationships from a much more grounded place leaving less room for uncertainty. That’s what you’re trying to get away from anyway, right? So take your time and study the emotions and insights that time presents. Enjoy the ride to the new beginning, savor every step.

Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra):

Relationship changes are in order for you this full moon. Before you make a decision you can’t take back, sit with it a little more until you’ve received enough insight. There’s a chance for you to act impulsively attempting to protect your heart but everything is not what it seems. Maybe you’re ready to tell someone how you feel and get closure, maybe it’s you on the other end. Wherever you find yourself in the situation, let Divine interventions occur because they bring profound insight on how to move forward with dignity and strength. Expect to purge and release some necessary emotions. You must make room for the enlightenment to come in, this means grieving that which is leaving, shifting, and changing. Later on in the process, you will be pushed to practice accountability about how you could have done or handled things better. This is not to cause you shame but to help mature your perception of manipulation, relationships, and your role as it pertains to both.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo):

The tendency to attach to specific outcomes is about to teach you a very important lesson. Things don’t always pan out how we’d expect, even when we feel we’re doing it in the best interest of ourselves. We don’t have all the answers and this full moon is here to remind you of that. Karmic balance and resolutions will be taking place for you in matters of love and stability to teach you independence and trust in the Divine the next few weeks. The best advice for you is to go with the flow and to be aware of the changes and shifts due to happen. Everything will not be as terrible as it seems, you’ll soon discover how necessary these changes were and thank the Divine for them. Remember the end goal is to learn an important lesson, that is the only outcome you should yearn to attach to, everything else is subjective and out of your control. Take it easy.

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