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New Moon in Leo

I took the time to pull tarot and oracle cards for my subscribers, apply to your sun, moon, rising and venus placements. Find these by calculating your birth chart here. Take what resonates, these messages are general and may not apply to all. For a personal and direct reading, please contact me via Instagram, Twitter, or use the website to book!

Starting with the collective, then each element:

Leo is the sign of confidence and expression of self. It’s the moon that represents our emotions and in some cases state of mind. Find your inner Leo energy and take risks to conquer those emotions and thought patterns that keep you out of alignment. It’s time to let go of the past and make room for a better life. Miracles and magic are upon us, but if the past is still in focus this can be very hard to see. Find your roaring lion within and direct that energy towards your past.

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):

The emotionally fulfilling rewards are yours for the taking whenever you’re ready to open up more. There is a lack of self-regard and care causing you to feel insecure within; if you are insecure internally you will be insecure externally. When we face uncertainty it tends to change our perspective and sometimes cause us to see/create illusions. You are a lot closer to your manifestations than you think. This new moon start anew by prioritizing what helps you feel secure within yourself, then do it. Do not wait for someone else or a particular scenario to play out. This is not required for you to discover your inner depth. If anything, refusing to surrender as 100% accountable to Self is only going to cause more delay in receiving these blessings. The highlight of this new moon for you is self-esteem & self-accountability. Fall into these themes and you will receive more than you could have ever bargained the Universe for.

Water Signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio):

There is a lack of certainty regarding how things will manifest for you and it’s causing inner chaos. It’s not that you don’t know you’re destined for greatness, it’s just that you don’t see how such greatness will come to be yet. It’s okay to not have all the answers at one time, you know. Take these moments with the new moon and affirm self-awareness. Fall into your feminine energy and explore your emotions that are triggered by uncertainty. There is much you have planned and want to do yet because things are not happening on your time you tend to become bratty, pouty, even immovable about it. This will not help you to mature or overcome things in anyway. In fact, this programmed response is absolutely outdated to you now. For you, this new moon requires a new approach. Talk yourself through the uncertainty and why it bothers you so much. Discover how the uncertainties are truly life lessons and how to appreciate what they reveal to you. Get comfortable in the state of discomfort for the ultimate enlightenment of self and your journey. Let this new moon introduce you to even more of yourself just before you get to where you know you’re destined to go.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn):

New journeys are always exciting until our fears creep in. It’s important to observe feelings of fear, guilt, remorse, or grief expressed under this new moon. You are 98% confident in your next steps and ability to build upon a new foundation, much healthier than its’ previous versions. Give appropriate attention and respect to that opposing 2%, you will learn a lot and for some, speed up the process in achieving your goals. Where is it in life that you feel unworthy? What has transpired in the past that would make you feel unworthy of receiving the freedom you’ve prayed for? Ask yourself these questions and begin to heal that remaining 2% you’ve left unchecked. It will not slow you down to revisit your shadows. Expect Divine intervention to transpire over and over again until you have 100% confidence in your new journey. Leo is the sign of confidence and this new moon is here to give you a new beginning in such. Why aim or settle for 98% when you can have 100%? Do the internal work to have what you deserve.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius):

Expect union and partnership under this new moon. Lately, you’ve done a lot of healing quietly and in isolation. Remember there is some healing that takes place with other people. Remember that everyone has painful experiences in life and someone out there can gain from your discoveries while healing and vice versa. Open up these next few weeks and you’ll discover someone who is totally in alignment with your healing journey. Where you reject parts of yourself that are attempting to heal, this is what you will see first in the other person. This can be triggering and hard to face but stay, see your reflection, and treat them how you’d wish to be treated. This partnership will be of great enlightenment and bring the blessing of a new beginning and profound healing. What more could you ask for?

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