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July 2021 Intuitive Messages

I took the time to pull tarot and oracle cards for my subscribers, apply to your sun, moon, rising and venus placements. Find these by calculating your birth chart here. Take what resonates, these messages are general and may not apply to all. For a personal and direct reading, please contact me via Instagram, Twitter, or use the website chat (right bottom corner) to book!


July seems to start off with some stagnancy, mental chaos, and feelings of hopelessness but fret not. You’re very close to these desires you aren’t telling many people about. Work through your thoughts and heightened emotions with mindful patience. Now is the time to be gentle and kind to yourself— force nothing. You will notice momentum begins to pick up in your best interest towards the middle of the month. The end of July holds much clarity and rightful progression. Give things, give yourself time.


This month you’re focused on achieving stability on all fronts. It’s important you strive for clarity before making too many decisions. Prioritize what’s important and then reprioritize again. There’s only so much you can juggle all on your own, the sooner you accept this the sooner your ability to maintain stability changes for the best. Courage is being honest about your needs and the help you require. Work through the fears and old behavior patterns that make you think you must work harder than you are capable. Get realistic this month and the Universe will bless you with a very satisfying outcome.


You’ve walked into July and things seemed to have slowed down and for some, came to a complete stop. This has triggered feelings of remorse and guilt deeply within. What you could have done differently, what you felt you ‘should’ have done or been doing. Take this month to acknowledge and process these feelings. It may appear that you’ve ‘missed the boat’ but truly you walked into a very important lesson about productivity and energetic investment. Its time to reconcile with yourself and release this heavy emotional weight, a fresh start is waiting for you once you do.


While you may be determined to accomplish things this month, check the place this determination and passion is coming from. Is it coming from a healed, practical place? Or is it coming from a desire to not feel a certain pain? In order to not ‘feel’ a certain pain anymore, you must heal and cure the wound. Charging on without doing so will eventually lead you 3 steps backward and I get that you’re tired of that happening. Heal for real this month. Instead of aiming to ‘win’ at all costs, aim to heal at all costs. That’s how you win.


There’s a lot of self-doubt and negative thoughts that you no longer need to carry. For some this is a persona you no longer resonate with. Eventually, you will tire yourself out for the last time and fall into your truth. The truth is that you are good enough, you are worthy of healthy connections with friends, family, significant others— everyone. This month work on releasing the self-imposed negativity and pressure to be a certain version of yourself you’ve obviously outgrown. You want to live from your heart space freely and no one is stopping you from this freedom but you. Even you can’t resist your truth much longer. Change is evident this month. Heart, throat, and solar plexus chakra work will benefit you as you heal and rebirth yourself. The connections you know you are worthy of will follow suit as you put these old ways of being to rest. In order to usher in these good vibes from others, you must embody them first.


You’ve been determined not to let something fall but what if someone told you surrendering to destruction was in your best interest? Sleepless nights, dragging days, mental chaos is all present in your reading. At some point, you will have to let things go in order for them to get better. Most importantly, let go of how hard you think you are going to crash when you let go. Release your expectations on such a dramatic outcome for finally saying ‘Universe, I surrender’. It’s been tough to hold on this long, it doesn’t have to be just as tough letting go. Just let go. The Divine sees the purity of your heart so trust that it will be honored. Start by honoring yourself and no longer putting yourself through this torture of holding on. Whether this is a job, a relationship, a ‘grand scheme’, etc. it’s no longer for you and you’re very much aware. If you want something better, something less draining of you, you have to let go and trust the process you can’t fully see. July is showing you how to trust and have faith in the Higher Source you believe in.


This month there is a hurtful encounter that will no longer be avoided. It’s time to admit whatever pain, betrayal, or disappointment you have experienced as it pertains to your inner child, your actual child, maybe even a childhood friend. This can be reversed and pertain to a parental figure as well. Nonetheless it may seem like your ability to create or fully enjoy happiness is blocked this month until you fully sit with this issue. Maybe you need to admit your impatience with someone and how much it has affected you in the heart space. Maybe it’s time you accept where you yourself have become too much of a receiver and less of a giver. July is inviting you to recreate balance within yourself and a few significant relationships. Committing to this honesty and sacrificing your pride will result in unexpected harmony both within yourself and the world around you.


July is meeting you with one more round of the past just to show you how you no longer live there, yet hold on to it as if you do. Just because your next steps seem unfamiliar or unpredictable, doesn’t mean you don’t keep moving forward. In your case, it’s better to move on to an unpredictable future than a repetitive and disturbing past, be hopeful about what newness you can experience. You won’t get the chance to experience it unless you let go of what no longer resonates. There will be a temptation to remain the same person you know you have evolved past, be gentle with yourself during this time instead of pressuring yourself to go left or right immediately. The ‘home’ you’ve always known is no longer the home you have to choose. You are moving on, just in a very unique way that is unfamiliar to you. There will be comfort again, give new experiences the chance to show you this.


July is challenging you to accept and speak your truth about what relationship dynamics are no longer working for you. It’s time to sit with this person or group and be honest about your desire for change. There is a way to move on to a new life without having to defend it so harshly. This ‘way’ involves releasing pent up grief about the things that are intolerable for you now. As you redefine yourself, you must redefine your boundaries and the respect you require in your immediate environment. You are for sure walking into a new journey and new chapter of life. Honesty and vulnerability is a must as you move forward. Work with your throat chakra and solar plexus to enhance the courage required for your new path.


July brings you lessons of patience. You’ve been wanting to experience a genuinely heartfelt connection and fulfill a deep desire, yet it’s happening on divine timing and not your own. While you may not like the long game, it’s intentionally playing out this way so that you have ample time to observe these desires and make sure it’s what you really want. Choosing to wait, to be patient, to be diplomatic is strongly preferred as things begin to unfold in your favor later on this month. Take time and explore your own inconsistencies that could interfere with this beautiful situation your heart is calling in. Prepare and position yourself accordingly. Whether it’s a new relationship, a more fulfilling job, or even new a home, it’s coming.


July is shedding light on your little secret. The one where you desire true happiness and emotional harmony but are confused about how to achieve it. Worrying yourself about it won’t help. As a fixed sign, sometimes you don’t see all your options clearly because some options require you to step out of your comfort zone and that’s not always easy. Allow July to show you how you can have the desires of your heart with a little change and surrender. Surrender automatic defensive behaviors/responses and be open to new ways of inviting happier times into your life, even if it seems uncomfortable at first. Happier times and brighter days are sure to come and you won’t miss them. Let this month teach you how to go with the flow once more.


July is a healing and empowering month for you. You are rediscovering just how much you can accomplish on your own and how your own company is sometimes all you need. Do not mistake moments of solitude or isolation as anything less than opportunities to get to know yourself better. In your quiet time, you will discover more details about your next steps and how to move forward towards a new and stable beginning in life. This new beginning leads to a lot of happiness and fulfillment, enjoy the ride there! Prosperity and purposeful action lie ahead of you.

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