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New Moon in Taurus

I took the time to pull tarot and oracle cards for my subscribers, apply to your sun, moon, rising and venus placements. Find these by calculating your birth chart here. Take what resonates, these messages are general and may not apply to all. For a personal and direct reading, please use the website chat (right bottom corner) to book with me!

Starting with the collective, then each element:

Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio) have a natural habit of holding tight to things even when it’s time to release and let go. This new moon is highlighting the weight of what we haven’t released and how it blocks us from growing in the most Divine ways. Be open to apologies and apologizing. Be open to the beauty of forgiveness. Be open to new beginnings with people you didn’t expect. Emotions may run very high at first under this transit but the magic happens right after! The magic is in the healing and maturation transpiring within us all. Learn to let go in new ways this moon cycle, it is for your greatest benefit.

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):

Change seems like it’s being forced upon you this new moon however it’s not being forced, it simply just.... has to happen. You’re not in love with how things are taking place and that’s understandable but don’t become so resistant you loose sight of how this leads you to your higher calling. This new moon is asking you to review your ego long enough to see how it can get in your way. You will have to make some changes but it doesn’t mean that what you desire can’t or won’t be achieved, it will— just in a more Divine way! In moments where you are completely flustered or overwhelmed, go outside and breathe fresh air. Observe nature and express some compassion for her. It will help as it forces you to acknowledge how many less than desirable changes nature experiences yet she remains persistent. (I.e. trees standing tall no matter the weather!) Let this serve as motivation to help you move forward in the way life is certain to push you next. You may not see the benefits of this change right away, but one day you will.

Water Signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio):

Relationships are plaguing water signs this new moon. There is mental and emotional confusion about what went wrong in a relationship; for some a group of friends or a family unit. This restlessness transpires as thoughts of what could have been but is not and why. When you are aware of this restlessness, do your best to work through it by remembering everything happens for a reason and how it’s okay when we don’t understand the reason right away. Maybe you’re seeking forgiveness, if so all you can do is confidently speak your truth. Worry not after that point and be proud of yourself for embracing your vulnerability. Relationships are going to move in the way they’re supposed to in favor of all involved this moon cycle so release expectations and do your best to just be present. There is an inner knowing about the root of a particular pain and how it first got there— both in oneself and in the relationship(s) that highlight it. Embrace the truth of this more than the betrayal that has been experienced. Humans cannot have healing without pain, whatever happened had to happen and consider how it’s made you better. If you have trouble identifying your growth, consider the ways you can grow and heal from this now. Be gentle and kind to both yourself and others during this time.

Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra):

This new moon you’re being asked to celebrate yourself and your abilities. It may be an emotional time as things just do not pan out as you’ve planned yet it’s all for Divine reason. By the end of this moon cycle you will see. So instead of forcing an opportunity to happen on your desired timeline, be real with yourself about where you are and what you’re just not ready for yet. Hold onto your vision, but do not act just yet. Focus on developing yourself in terms of confidence and truth. Beating yourself up about what you cannot control is least beneficial so use this period to actively release negative thoughts of self and in regards to the predicament you’re in. Some of you will notice a significant increase in your psychic abilities and intuition. Trust what you receive! Practicing acts of nobility and humility daily will help tremendously in discovering your limitless self-confidence. The theme this moon cycle for Air signs is patience, honesty, and diligence. What you desire, you will achieve at

the right time and not a second earlier or later.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo):

This new moon brings a new beginning that may initially seem totally uncomfortable, leaving you unwilling to go with the flow of this change. For some this change is indeed an apology or heartfelt communication potentially from a water sign (or vice versa). While they truly intend to send you an olive branch, you may find yourself extremely reluctant to take it. Blame the new moon in stubborn Taurus for that. The good thing is, even the bull charges in the right direction at some point. So will you. Once you accept the wounds that prevent you from being receptive to this person or situation, reality will set in as to how you can heal and forgive. Reality will also provide perspective as to how this situation or working with this person is exactly what needs to happen for appropriate forward movement on all ends. Ignoring or suppressing this issue will not work. Forgiveness and self confidence is the theme for Earth signs this moon cycle. Expect a weeks-long period of rebirth and regeneration during this time.

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