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Sagittarius Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse

I took the time to pull tarot and oracle cards for my subscribers, apply to your sun, moon, rising and venus placements. Find these by calculating your birth chart here. Take what resonates, these messages are general and may not apply to all. For a personal and direct reading, please contact me via Instagram, Twitter, or use the website chat (right bottom corner) to book!

Starting with the collective, then each element:

This total lunar eclipse is bringing us the impactful change that’s been desired deep down with in us for at least the last 2 years. The pandemic has ultimately shed so much light on our truest desires and needs, we are now being handed those things we’ve longed for but first we must make the room for them. Clear out any mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical clutter that reveals itself to you under this full moon. Know that the Universe supports you in every way and all you have to do right now is release old patterning to receive new opportunities, journeys, and experiences that will bring you true alignment within your own being AND in the higher plan for us all.

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):

A new relationship is forming under the energy of this full moon for you and its best to go with the flow of change. This new relationship is one you’d rather not give attention at this time but it’s for the best that you do. This could be rebuilding with an old friend or associate, even a parent. While this is something you may be hesitant to this relationship blossoming in a new way will ONLY bring you the abundance you’ve been desiring. An abundance in finances, emotional fulfillment, and tangible progress towards your goals. It’s as if what’s causing you to resist is a matter of the heart’s desires versus the logic you’ve always known or held to the most. Let go and try new things. If this person approaches you, the least you can do is hear them out. Where this is switched, try not to be pushy. Instead, practice patience and give the other person room to come around. It’s Divine fate for this union to happen at one point or another regardless of how uncomfortable it may seem right now. This particular full moon brings 6 months of change due to the powerful eclipse energy, this is likely to play out from now until November. Let this experience show you the way out of your comfort zone.

Animal reference: Elephant

Number reference: 222, 22

Water Signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio):

There is an intense need to look in the mirror and observe your ability to hold grudges. Grudges against aspects of the self and others. It’s as if you are arrogantly putting your foot down on “what you won’t do” and the Universe is raising their eyebrow at this energy/behavior. What feels right to you may really only feel ‘right’ to your unhealed ego. This full moon you are being called for a deep surrender and humbling from the Source within you and the higher Source you believe in. Practicing grounding mediations/exercises, expressions of truth, and cleanses will be most beneficial to you now. Physical detoxes, spiritual cleanses of the home and energetic body— being receptive to spiritual and emotional support is important for you. As you surrender and integrate past versions of yourself, you will unlock new opportunities and information that will rebirth you and inspire a new beginning.

Animal reference: Wolf

Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra):

What seems like a lack of healing is eating you up under this full moon. It’s as if you want to just overcome some old wounds already but it’s important to remember that all healing takes time and the journey is endless. The healing for yourself and for others as well. While you take on this new challenge of patience, find ways to express yourself when you feel the tension building within you. Journaling, vlogging, singing, anything that exalts your throat chakra will be most beneficial to you now. If you are a dancer by all means get into that too! Emotionally speaking, you will be undergoing a deep transformation and eventually transition into a much more emotionally mature being. There’s lots of undiscovered waters within you and it’s going to take time to explore every inch. For some this is healing issues with a father/masculine figure or even your own wounded masculine energy. The Divine is not ignoring your desire to heal, they only want you to take your time so that you don’t miss anything now. Due to eclipse energies, the next 6 months may serve as a very reflective period for you but it doesn’t mean you won’t accomplish things in the process! You are simply encouraged to move slower and more from within.

Animal reference: Lynx Cat

Earth Signs (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo):

A seemingly uncomfortable new relationship/collaboration is forming and you not liking it isn’t relevant enough to stop this from happening. There may have been projections from this person and you likely have projected that negativity back at some point yourself. Regardless of how you feel about them, you and this person are literally one and the same. Time will reveal this. This person gives off major fire sign energy, especially Leo. You both will eventually serve as an inspiration to one another in a way that cannot be denied. The advice for you this full moon is to be open to the idea that people can change and mature just as much as you can. Do your best to refrain from spitting in disgust at this opportunity for growth and Divine alignment— that’s really all it is. It’s for your best and resisting will only result in a few extra lessons before you surrender anyway. Considering the lunar eclipse energy, this is likely to play out over the next 6 months so take it slow. This person/relationship may become more prominent to your awareness after the current Mercury Retrograde ending in late June/ early July.

Animal reference: Black Bear

Number reference: 11,55

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